Some tips for a smooth move

February 8, 2013

As professional removalists who have been in the business for thirty years, we have picked up some tips along the way. For our first blog, we thought it would be helpful to share some of these hints:

  • Get the professionals in
    Our first tip is no surprise: hire a removalist to help you! Here at Ace Removals and Storage, we are Geelong removalists with plenty of experience and a commitment to high quality service.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate
    To both your removalists and to anyone else who is involved in the moving process. It’s your house and you have a right to make requests!
  • Declutter
    Before you even get to the moving part, take the time to go through your belongings and declutter. Give things away to friends, to charity organisations or even put some things away into storage. Don’t forget about sites like beauty of Ebay or Gumtree either!
  • Be careful
    Take particular care when moving delicates like glassware, pottery and art. Also, take care to look after sporting equipment during moves and furniture, especially antique and oddly shaped pieces.
  • Look after pets
    If you have pets, it could be worth treating them to a night or two “holiday” at a cattery or kennels while you move. Your pets usually find moving – and change in general! – stressful so you want to make the move as easy as possible for them! You can also speak to your vet about strategies to do this.

We hope you found these tips helpful. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us if you need Geelong removalists to assist you with your move.