Sturdy boxes for self-storage: Ace packing supplies

March 6, 2014

If you’’re moving you won’t just need a removalist, chances are you’ll need some sturdy packing supplies and even self-storage solutions!

When people move house often their first port of call for packing boxes will be their local supermarket or retail stores, but their second-hand boxes are often thin and flimsy. They aren’’t designed to hold delicate household items and heavy appliances.

Keeping in mind that your possessions aren’’t all brand new still in their packaging with foam or bubble wrap protection!

Our packing supplies include sturdy and strong storage boxes which are perfect for any residential or office move. Our storage boxes will stack nicely in our self-storage facility too, as they won’t be all different sizes and thicknesses like if you collected them from different sources.

We have self-storage facilities in Geelong equipped to store all your possessions, from ornaments through to cars and caravans.

Please contact us for packing supplies, removals and self-storage in Geelong. We are happy to help you with your next move.