Geelong furniture removalist: piano removals

April 14, 2014

As a furniture removalist, we are experienced in moving large, heavy, and fragile items so that they arrive safely, in one piece, and free from damage.

Pianos are an investment and some are even lifelong family heirlooms. Many people who own a piano take great pride in it and keep it in top condition by dusting, polishing and protecting it from dints and scratches.

Pianos are heavy and bulky, yet delicate at the same time. Moving a piano requires skill and the right equipment to ensure it is not damaged from the moment it is moved, until the time it is delivered safely into your new home.

We use specialist piano equipment to lift and move your piano in and around Geelong, and always transport it in an enclosed truck where it is secured and unable to slide around. We never use an open ute to transport your piano.

We have over 30 years of experience in the moving industry and pride ourselves on old-fashioned customer service, which means never rushing or taking short-cuts with your valuables!

Do you have an expensive or sentimental piano that you need moved? Contact us for a furniture removalist quote in Geelong.