Lapse between settlement dates? Need storage in Geelong?

May 27, 2014

You’’ve sold your house and purchased a new one – congratulations! But there’s a problem, you have to be out of one before you can move into the other. It’s not the end of the world but it does pose a headache.

Ace Removals recently helped a family place their goods into temporary storage in Geelong just during the lapse between settlement dates, which was around six weeks. Six weeks doesn’’t sound like a long time to find somewhere for your belongings, and some may wonder what the point of paying for storage is – surely between friends and family there are a few empty garages? Consider the situation of this family who recently engaged our services:

  • it was a family of six, two parents with four children
  • the family are keen campers and fishers and own a camper trailer and “tinny” which they used to store in their double garage
  • the children were aged five to thirteen and between the four children there were boxes upon boxes of clothing, toys, books and games
  • the family had found a temporary rental home near the children’s schools to live in during the lapse period between settlement dates. The rental was fully furnished with homewares including kitchenware and appliances
  • all they needed were their clothes, toiletries, a few favourite toys, books and games and their school things
  • majority of friends lived in Melbourne (at least an hour away) and family lived along the Great Ocean Road, making it near impossible to store their goods in their garages

The family gave us a call to find out about our storage options in Geelong. We not only supplied them with secure storage for all their goods including the camper trailer and tinny, we also transported their goods from their previous residence and then into their new one. The family opted to pack their own goods because it presented a chance to “clear out” a lot of old things and donate them to charity. However, once their things were packed they did not have to lift a finger until they were in their new home and were ready to unpack.

A lapse between settlement dates doesn’’t need to be stressful, we aim to make moving an Ace experience. Contact us for storage in Geelong.