Ace Removals in Geelong for packing and storage supplies

January 19, 2015

Has your employer transferred you to a new position interstate for a few months? You won’t want to take all of your possessions with you. Indeed there are many instances where your new abode will be substantially smaller than your current home. If you are moving from a family house in Geelong to a large capital city interstate, you may well find yourself in a much less spacious dwelling. Go with the flow – see a move like this as an opportunity to embrace a new way of living for a time. While you may not have a sprawling backyard and a generous living areas, you might find yourself within walking distance to galleries, markets, bustling shopping strips and major sporting venues. Make the most of your changed circumstances.

Of course you will need your clothes and other belongings, some items of furniture, kitchen items and even decorations. But what do you do with the rest of your possessions? Naturally you will want them in pristine condition when you move back home, so take advantage of the packing supplies available from Ace Removals. You can be assured of the quality and strength of our Geelong packing supplies. Our range of boxes, cartons and packing materials covers every item you could imagine having to pack, and even those you hadn’t thought of. For example our crockery box has inserts that are adjustable so they can be adapted for a range of glasses and plates of all shapes and sizes. With a heavy duty cardboard outer you can be confident that your valuable crockery and glassware will be well protected.

To keep your belongings in tip-top condition for moving or storage, you can rely on the packing supplies we provide at Ace Removals here in Geelong. Call our professional and friendly team for advice or a quote.