Self storage helps Geelong residents escape this winter

April 20, 2016

Have you thought about escaping Geelong for the winter? If you’ve always wanted to move up north, but thought it was too difficult – we’ve got the self storage solutions to make your dream come true!

Many people move interstate over the long, cold winter months. Whether you plan to enjoy the warmer climate by staying at a caravan park or moving into a holiday home – we have a range of self storage units to keep your possessions safe while you enjoy your break.

Most holiday homes will be furnished to some degree, meaning you won’t want or need to remove all your household belongings interstate. However, you won’t want to leave your home at risk of theft or damage.

Self storage offers the perfect solution. We’ll house your belongings safely so you don’t stress about damage to your treasured possessions. Plus, with special items safely stored, you can rent your Geelong home out while you’re away – allowing you to make a little extra spending money while on your holiday.

Whether you need storage for a whole roomful of belongings, or for a single heirloom item, Ace Removals has a selection of different sized storage spaces for you to choose from. You’ll also have around-the-clock access to your possessions, for maximum peace of mind.

If you’re tired of dreaming about a winter escape, Geelong’s self storage experts make the move a reality! Please contact us for more information.