Geelong Furniture Removalist

April 3, 2019

The biggest mistake that people make when moving house is underestimating exactly how many things have to be done. This leaves many people scrambling all over the house (and all over town to get packing boxes and tape) on the day before their move, getting all their important responsibilities done at the very last minute.

The worst thing you can do is let everything pile up, and then try to remember all your responsibilities in your head every single morning. Make things so much easier for yourself and create a master moving house to-do list.

Sit down with your partner or entire family and think: ok what are all the things that we need to get done, from now until the day that you move? List everything down, from the widest and most general tasks to the smallest and most meaningless tasks, and then set a date for when each task needs to be done. By allowing yourself a physical, actionable schedule you can refer to every time you start to feel stressed, you can minimise your stress and anxiety by ten-fold.

There’s no doubt moving home is hard work – but hurting your back or neck and living with an injury is even harder, and the last thing you want. Moving heavy items, evenly moderately so, should be done with care and attention to correct lifting techniques.

Weighty boxes, bulky appliances, furniture and outdoor accessories can all put a strain on your back or other muscles and joints. Your extremely heavy items such as pianos or very large and heavy tables, book shelves and more, should be tackled in a group or left to professional removalists.

Based in Geelong, our furniture removalists have seen people try to lift heavy items, only to hurt themselves and ask for help anyway. Our removalists are experts at dealing with heavy furniture and other items and always use correct lifting techniques or physical aids.

For your basic heavy items such as boxes of knick-knacks, there are some simple lifting techniques to employ to avoid hurting yourself.

These include:

  • Does the item you are about to lift have handles or somewhere to grip? Observe the item and decide how you can best lift it. From the bottom, from the side, from the top?
  • Test the weight of an item before you pick it up. Misjudging the weight of an item can cause injury when you try lift it too quickly or strain to lift it when you weren’t expecting to. If it feels too heavy, even slightly, seek a second person to help lift with you.
  • To pick up and lift a box, bend your knees and get a strong grasp on the item and use your legs to lift the item. Try keep your back and neck straight and don’t turn or pivot until you’re upright. Never bend and lift from your back – always use your legs!
  • Plan for large or extremely heavy items such as pianos and other bulky furniture. Do you plan to move it yourself? If so, make sure you have enough confident helpers to help lift the item. Plan your path out of the house and make sure it’s clear. As a team, don’t lift and start walking until everyone is ready and aware of the direction of movement.

Use these tips to help you pack and move safely. However, if you need a furniture removalist in Geelong, please contact us.